Teenali + S3A3 Crimson (Black) Tea

$18.00 100

Region: Upper Assam, India
Harvested: Summer 2019
Farmer(s): Mr. Phukan
Cultivar(s): Teenali, S3A3, Heirloom
Estate: Latumoni
Process: Hand withered
Elevation: 400m
Ingredients: Camellia Sinensis

Notes: Cacao, Prune, Marmalade

Mr. Phukan of the Latumoni estate has managed to achieve a level of execution we have yet to find in the Assam region. His craft, small batch approach to tea making has delivered our favourite fully withered crimson tea we have cupped to date. Malt, orange and dark stone fruit in the cup, gorgeous leaves and aromatics, all add up to an unforgettable tea that we find ourselves coming back to time and time again.

Preparation Notes:

  • Recipe: 3g tea : 180ml water
  • temperature: 100°C
  • 3m30s steep time
  • 2-3 steeps recommended

Package is 40g.