Yunnan Da Ye Zhong Crimson Tea


Region: Na Ka, Meng Hai, Yunnan, China
Harvested: April 3 2020
Cultivar(s): Da Ye Zhong
Elevation: 1780m

Notes: acorn, lightly smoked cacao, oak, deep malt

This tea stood out for its rich and deep malt complexity, whiskey like oak notes, and brilliant richness of mouthfeel.
Grown at 1780m above sea level, Liu’s farm carefully harvests young budsets from Da Ye Zhong, a big leaf heritage cultivar, and tightly rolls them into a “snail” shape, creating a tea with amber liquor and warm notes of lightly smoked cacao.

Preparation Notes:

  • Recipe: 3g tea : 180ml water
  • temperature: 100°C
  • 3m30s steep time
  • 2-3 steeps recommended

Package is 40g.