Atlas Coffee Program - MAME - El Paraiso Red

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At Monogram, we are passionate about exceptional coffee experiences that inspire wonder. Over the years, through our global travels and competitions, we have discovered not only some of the best coffee producers in the world, but also some of the best roasters as well. At our Britannia location, we are bringing together our favourite roasters from around the world and their best selections alongside our own Monogram roasts. We are excited for people to discover new roasters, new coffees and new taste experiences. With this program we will carefully-select global roasters take an in-house "residency" in Britannia, with us working closely with each roaster to bringing the best and most diverse selection of beans. Let's explore the wonderful world of coffee together.

MAME was founded by Mathieu Theis and Emi Fukahori in 2016. The two met each other through coffee competitions and both became fascinated by the world of specialty coffee, this love of specialty coffee led them to open their cafe together in Zurich, Switzerland. MAME means 'beans' in Japanese and the reference to Japanese culture reminds them of their dedication to coffee and to never stop improving. And, this mentality is something that we can see the fruit of. Since opening their first cafe, they have both competed many times in both barista and brewers cup championships in both Switzerland and on the world stage. Between the two of them they have made finals three times at the World Barista Championship, and Emi won the title of World Brewers Champion in 2018. They believe that coffee competitions are an important part of the coffee industry, it is a place to push knowledge forward and a place to gain new connections and friendships all over the world.

MAME started roasting coffee in 2019, selecting and sourcing green coffee that showcase a diversity of flavour and character. MAME is focused on making coffee approachable for everyone as summed up by them as "The best coffee is the coffee that you love."

We are so excited to finally have coffees from MAME in our cafes to share with you, and we have a feeling you are going to love their coffees just as much as we do!

El Paraiso Red

Origin: Cauca, Colombia
Farm: El Paraiso
Variety: Castillo
Process: Hot and Cold fermentation

The producer of this coffee is Diego Samuel Bermudez Tapia. Finca El Paraiso is located in the municipality of Piendamo, Corrigimiento de Tunia, Vereda los Arados along the stretch of the Panamerican highway between Popayan and Cali. Its climate is humid with winds from the Pacific. Cherries mature slowly given El Paraiso’s elevation ; this slow maturation helps the concentration of sugars and considerably improves the cup.

Tasting notes: Pomegranate, Hibiscus, Buttery

Roast Date: December 22, 2021