Cristian Lizardo - Espresso



Cristian Lizardo took over the production and managing of his father’s farm “La Viejo” in 2012. Previous to growing coffee, the family farm grew corn and beans, but those crops proved to be very difficult due to drought. After suffering many losses, Cristian’s father decided too sell the farm in 2012. With his experience as an agronomy professional, working with the Honduran Institute of Coffee, he purchased the farm from his father and decided to plant coffee (IHCAFE 90 and Pacas). 2.8 hectares of the 7.35 hectare farm is coffee production. They also grow 2.1 hectares of Haas avocado to add diversification to the income.

Cristian processes his coffee as honey, washed and natural. For this lot, after receiving cherry, the coffee is depulped and processed the same day. After depulping, the coffee with mucilage is dried in a parabolic drying area. The length of time it dries depends ono the weather and type of coffee. Most washed and honey coffees dry for 15-18 days, with naturals taking up to 21 days. There are many challenges to running his farm. Firstly, Cristian sells about 20-40% of his production as commodity level, which he uses the revenue to cover the cost of producing his specialty grade coffee. With the impacts of climate change and the C market price falling, producing specialty grade coffee has proven to be difficult. In the future, Cristian wants to expand the amount of land used to grow coffee, and start experimenting with newer, good quality varieties, and continue to diversify the farm’s production with more avocado.