Bilbao - Warmth Espresso

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This association was founded 10 years ago by 35 technologists in agribusiness who realized that if they  gather forces, they could enhance both their coffee  production and also their income. Today, the association has a total of 44 members. All of the members receive training to help them improve and manage their resources, helping them to plan better for their future production.  

The members' farms are middle-sized, with 4,5  hectares average. All of them at the municipality of Planadas. With over 1,600 meters above sea level,  these lands are ideal for coffee growing. The principal variety of the region is Caturra, followed by  Castillo and Colombia in the higher zones. Once they  have their coffee ready to sell they gather it all at  their facility at Bilbao. The association looks for ward to helping members with the transportation of  their coffee, as there are 15 of them who still move it on mule for a 2 or 3 hours ride.  

Besides coffee, farmers produce different foods like  beans, corn, plantain, and fruits. ASOTBILBAO owns a  supermarket at the town where members can sell their products along with other groceries.  

One of the biggest challenges for the association is  to inspire and incentive young people to continue and  to take over the coffee crops. As they don't see the  potential for coffee, they usually go away searching  for new opportunities outside the region. That's why in ASOTBILBAO the members are organizing cupping workshops for young people, so they fall in love with  this beautiful industry.