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Atlas Coffee Program - George Howell - Guadalupe Miramar

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Tastes like:

Milk Chocolate

Guadalupe Miramar, Mexico
Vanilla, Guava, Milk Chocolate

Country: Mexico
Region: Oaxaca
Producer: Cecilio Perez Vasqyez
Farm: Guadalupe Miramar
Variety: Typica, Bourbon, Caturra
Process: Washed
Altitude: 4,757 - 6,070 feet

Cecilio Perez Vasqyuez runs the informal organization, Grupo Cecilio. This group consists of 15 family members and neighbors who wanted independence from larger, traditional organizations. Cecilio has been a pioneer in reviving the quality for which Oaxaca became renowned. In the cup you taste milk chocolate-tinged coffee lightly washed with vanilla and guava.

Roast Date October 9, 2023


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George Howell

Atlas Program

At Monogram, we are passionate about exceptional coffee experiences that inspire wonder. Over the years, through our global travels and competitions, we have discovered not only some of the best coffee producers in the world, but also some of the best roasters as well. At our Britannia location, we are bringing together our favourite roasters from around the world and their best selections alongside our own Monogram roasts. We are excited for people to discover new roasters, new coffees and new taste experiences. With this program we will carefully-select global roasters take an in-house "residency" in Britannia, with us working closely with each roaster to bringing the best and most diverse selection of beans. Let's explore the wonderful world of coffee together.

George Howell

George’s life in coffee began in 1975 with his first café, The Coffee Connection in Cambridge’s Harvard Square. George began roasting for George Howell Coffee in 2004, a decade after selling his 24 "The Coffee Connection" cafes to Starbucks in 1994, and 30 years after he started roasting coffee. Fun fact: the Frappuccino was originally developed, trademarked, and named by The Coffee Connection chain.

George Howell Coffee was founded in 2004 with its primary focus being to continually identify, source and roast the highest quality coffees available. George Howell coffee acknowledges and highlights the influence of the region, terroir, and the farmer’s craftsmanship in every bean.

George Howell has a direct trade policy in order to provide maximum incentive to the fine craftspeople who produce what they celebrate. They seek these quality producers through the many networks that George has connected with over his almost fifty years in specialty coffee. Above all, George Howell Coffee aims to share the experience of the highest quality coffee, from seed to cup, with their customers.

We are so happy to have this amazing coffee in our cafes to share with all of you!

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