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Seasonal Single-Estate Maccha

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Just like fine wine uses the best grapes, fine maccha uses the best leaves. These are found in the tips of the green tea tree (Camellia Sinensis), otherwise known as the flush or new growth.

 Jagasilk works with several producers who grow and pick extremely small yet high quality lots of tea that are used for maccha. As the seasons change and the harvests come and go, the specific producer and source of the tea will rotate to reflect what is most in season. These are all from single estates and farms that are devoted to exceptional quality maccha. 

Once the tea comes in, Jagasilk mills it fresh on their own stone micro-mill, sealing in amazing aromatics, colour and freshness. This maccha tastes fantastic on its own as a traditional shot, or can be used with steamed or cold milk beautifully. 


  • 2g of maccha : 30g of water
  • Temperature: 65C

The way you whisk maccha has a profound impact on its taste. We highly recommend you watch this guide by Jagasilk on how to whisk maccha!

Package is 20g of freshly-milled maccha.

 What makes Maccha so special?

Picking Season
The May pick of Ichibancha (1st flush) is the most sought after flush for many reasons. Mostly it can be attributed to the young leaves slow growth coming out of winter, concentrating the sweet and full-bodied amino acids, chlorophyll, and nutrients. Ichibancha maccha has an unbeatably smooth texture.

The July pick of nibancha (the 2nd flush) is more prevalent; however, these leaves that grow quickly and with volume don’t offer the same rich and full flavours; many people love this flush for its light body and bitter taste, sometimes offering a nice earthy flavour. Because of chlorophyll’s chemical relationship with tannin, the 2nd flush has a higher concentration of the latter and tends to have a resulting pucker and dryness similar to young red wine.

The Art of Blending
Within each flush, the leaves are blended and sometimes cross blended to create a spectrum of quality versus accessibility. Premium Grades of Maccha are created using “bluish” green leaves with perfect shape and a full-bodied aroma and flavour. 

Other Contributing Factors
Storage, the stone grind, and age can all effect the quality of your maccha. The stone grinding process is an artisan technique and a bad grind can ruin otherwise premium maccha. Jagasilk freshly mills all their maccha and seals them in small packages, preserving its intensely green colour, wonderful aromatics and rich health benefits. 


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