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Atlas Coffee Program - Bredda Coffee - Nico + Ana Crespo

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Tastes like:

Honey Dew
Yellow Nectarine

Origin: Ecuador
Processing: Contrast Bath Honey
Variety: Sidra


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Bredda Coffee


At Monogram, we are passionate about exceptional coffee experiences that inspire wonder. Over the years, through our global travels and competitions, we have discovered not only some of the best coffee producers in the world, but also some of the best roasters as well. At our Britannia location, we are bringing together our favourite roasters from around the world and their best selections alongside our own Monogram roasts. We are excited for people to discover new roasters, new coffees and new taste experiences. With this program we will carefully-select global roasters take an in-house "residency" in Britannia, with us working closely with each roaster to bringing the best and most diverse selection of beans. Let's explore the wonderful world of coffee together.


Bredda Coffee is a coffee roasting company based in Melbourne/Naarm, Australia, run by a small team of two: Fran and Jerome. Fran holds the title of Marketing Director, as well as roaster, she has spent many years in the industry brewing and tasting coffees leading her to where she is now. Jerome, The green buyer and roaster for Bredda, originally from Canada, has spent almost a decade working in some of the finest cafes in Australia and last year competed in the Canadian Brewers Competition, taking second place!

The name ‘Bredda’ means Brother in Jamaican colloquial which defines the type of close relationship they want with our producers, customers and everyone involved in the coffee community. Their roasting style highlights the exceptional flavour profiles developed at the farm with the aim of starting a conversation about what goes in to that final brew.

Their aim is to showcase their favourite producers by sharing their high-quality and delicious offerings, in a fun approachable way.


Siblings Nico & Ana and the entire Hacienda Pillcocaja team work meticulously to produce some of the finest Ecuadorian coffees. This lot was nicknamed 'Raymi' which in the Quechua dialect means celebration. This coffee represents the festival of flavours and aromas that are expressed after using this dynamic carbonic maceration technique, which enhances a cocktail of tropical fruit characteristics. We think it tastes of pineapple, pink guava and has a florality which reminds us of lilac.

Roast Date: February 1, 2023

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