Yunwu Qun Ti Zhong Green Tea


Region: Jiujiang, Jiangxi, China
Harvested: March 5 2020
Cultivar(s): Long Jing #43
Farmer: Qun Ti Zhong
Soil: Yellow Brown

Notes: Honeydew, Strawberry, Magnolia

Expertly fired by the Chen family, this tea is buttery and aromatic. Their tea garden is surrounded by ample cloud cover and mist in the renowned mountains of Lushan in Jiangxi, providing excellent filtered light, which in turn slows down the development of the leaf and focuses the volatile oils into the tips of the plant. Just the right amount of hydration and temperature help to draw out the fruity floral notes the region is famous for.

Preparation Notes:

  • Recipe - 3g tea : 180ml  water
  • Temperature - 80°C
  • 1st Steep: 2min
  • 2nd Steep: 2min
  • 3rd-5th steep add 30s / steep

Package is 40g.