Hario Timer Scale


One of the most important pieces of equipment that everyone should have in their home brewing kit is a trusty scale. Your coffee to water recipe makes a profound impact on both flavour extraction and strength and so you need a tool to measure it accurately.

Truthfully you can use any old scale, but the Hario Timer Scale is one of our favourites because it is made specifically for coffee brewing. The scale shows a resolution of 0.1g up to 200g, which is perfect for weighing your coffee doses. Up to 500g the resolution shows every 0.5g, and anything above is to the gram, making it useful for brews of all sizes. The scale also features a built in timer which allows you to measure your brew times as you pour. No more fumbling around for another timer while brewing!

The scale is easy to use, has a big platform to accommodate a variety of brewers, and has a 2kg capacity, which makes it our choice for a great brewing scale. And who says you can’t use it for baking either?