Kinto Tea Pot


High quality loose leaf teas (like the ones we carry from our friends at Jagasilk here need space to unfurl, steep and release their wonderful flavours and aromas. The Kinto Teapot is a simple loose leaf tea brewer. Its glass material ensures no additional off-flavours creep into each steep. At 460mL capacity, it is a perfect size to brew wonderful tea for one or two people. 

Great teas can also be steeped many times for one to enjoy their many shades and characteristics over time. A fine mesh filter attached to the soft yet snug fitting lid makes straining simple. Once your tea is done, just attach the lid and pour - the mesh filter automatically strains the tea, leaving your leaves in the pot ready for another steep.

Kinto is one of our favourite brands. Based in Japan, they produce simple, elegant and functional wares. They are beautiful, and stand the test of daily use in our cafes.