La Marzocco GS3 AV


The La Marzocco engineering group set out to take the most advanced La Marzocco technology and translate it for a home espresso machine. The GS3 features the thermal stability system used in the La Marzocco Strada, including a preheating system, digital PID controller, saturated groups, a dual-boiler system, and digital display. These features make for a luxury espresso preparation platform: everything you could hope for as someone who wants to enjoy the best-quality espresso at home. All that’s left for you to do is to grind, dose, and tamp.

This is the Automatic Volumetric version of the GS3. It features 4 user settable cup sizes, and instant repeatability, for the same shot, time after time. No need to watch your shot volumes while you’re steaming milk for a cappuccino, or pouring hot water for an americano.



Dual Boiler – The GS3 was built around La Marzocco’s Dual boiler technology, featuring a 1.3 liter brew boiler, and large 3.5 liter steam boiler. The boiler size, PID technology, and Pre-heat coil ensures unmatched temperature stability, shot to shot, time after time.

Integrated PID – The built in PID, mounted to the front panel for easy access, allows the user to adjust all parameters of the machine on the fly. Change the temperature of the coffee boiler, Pressure in the steam boiler, and keep track of your shot times with the built-in timer.

Steam Lever – The GS3 features a lever actuated steam arm, to allow greater control over steam production, and simpler ergonomics than a traditional knob. Press it in any direction to start the powerful, dry steam.

Stainless Portafilters – Like all La Marzocco machines, the GS3 features full stainless portafilters, and precision filter baskets. These are much easier to clean than traditional brass handles, as well as being much more resilient over time.

Automatic Volumetrics – The Volumetric system on the GS3 AV allows perfect consistency from shot to shot. Pre-infusion times and shot volumes are set by the user, and repeatable, shot after shot. Backflushing of the machine is also automated, allowing the barista to walk away from the machine, and let it cycle itself.