Luis Choquehuanca #2 - Filter



This is our third year purchasing coffee from Luis Choquehuanca. In 2019, we committed to purchasing all of his harvest and we've continued that commitment this year. This gives Luis the assurance that he will have a buyer each year and get a good price for his coffees. This is our first honey processed coffee from Bolivia and the results are fantastic.

Luis has spent the last several years participating in Agricafe's Sol De La Manana program. This program was created by the Rodriquez family as a way to educate and train local producers with the skills needed to improve quality on their farms. The Rodriquez family was motivated to create this program because of the decline in coffee production in Bolivia. Many farmers were leaving the coffee industry to grow coca, which gave them more income security. Agricafe knew the outstanding potential of Bolivian coffee and hoped that through this program they would be able to transfer their knowledge to other local producers. Ultimately improving coffee quality and allowing producers to earn more for their crops, making growing coffee a sustainable way of life in Bolivia.