Finca Trapiche - Coco Natural - Filter



Finca Trapiche is located in Caranavi, covered in lush vegetation and native wild orchids. The trees on this farm are over 100 years old, many of which are precious wood species. When the team from Agricafe first visited this land they immediately saw the potential for coffee trees to thrive, growing in symbiosis with the existing plants on the farm. The farm is located at an altitude that is ideal for producing high quality coffees, and here they have planted mainly java and bourbon with a small selection of other varieties like gesha, SL28 and SL34.

The Trapiche is a tool traditionally used in Santa Cruz to extract sugar from sugar cane, and when the team arrived at the farm they found a very old trapiche at the entrance, made by the estates previous owner. This is where the name Finca Traphiche came from!

We have had many java’s from the Rodriguez family and they are always super delicious, and always end up being some of our favourite coffees all year. This one is processed as a coco natural which means that the fruit has been left in contact with the bean for an extended amount of time before being removed, and left to dry. The team at Agricafe has spent a lot of time invested in their processing techniques and you can really taste the quality of their methods in the cup.