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Third Wave Water

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Everyone focusses on getting the best equipment for their home brewing setups, but often overlook one of the most important variables - the water quality and composition. Have you invested in all the best home grinders, brewers and coffees, and still feel like you can’t get the same coffee as you would in our cafes? It’s probably the water!

Water is composed of many minerals that make up its hardness, ions, and pH. This composition impacts not just the way the resulting coffee tastes, but also the process of how it extracts and brews. Not only that, but everyone’s water coming out of the tap, fridge, even spring bottled water has a different mineral makeup. 

Good quality drinking water does not always mean it is good for brewing coffee!

Coffee is 98% water, and we should consider its like an ingredient, and source and ensure it’s the highest quality we can get. 

So what is the best brewing water? This is a very complicated and scientific question, but to put it simply, it needs an optimal balance between hardness to balance acidity, and minerals to help with extraction and flavour clarity, as well as mouthfeel. In our cafes, we produce and tune this water with complex filtration and multiple membrane systems that cost thousands of dollars (we take our water very seriously). 

Luckily, Third Wave Water has figured this out, in an easy format for your home. 

Third Wave Water are sachets of minerals that once dissolved into distilled water, produce the optimal composition that will bring the most out of your coffee! These are tailored for filter coffee brewing, and are very easy to use. 

To use, dissolve 1 sachet into 1 gallon jug of distilled water. Distilled is key as we need water with a blank canvas as a starting point for the minerals to be in proper composition. After this jug has dissolved the minerals, you can use this water in your kettles or drip coffee machines as you would normally!

Each package comes with 12 sachets, which makes enough for 12 gallons or 48 L of water.

Third Wave Water has been used in many national and international coffee competitions, and meets the quality water specifications for the Specialty Coffee Association.


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