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Lunar New Year at Monogram

Lunar New Year at Monogram

Every year at Monogram we celebrate Lunar New Year with café decorations and handing out red pockets with surprise prizes. It's always a really fun week for us and our community! Our Lunar New Year celebration was originally spearheaded by co-founder Jeremy, and this year we wanted to share what Lunar New Year means to him and his family. Read on to hear from Jeremy, and see the details for this year's celebration at the end!

One of the things I love most about Monogram is the wonderful ability coffee has to bring people together. Being able to celebrate Lunar New Year, a special time culturally for myself and my family is a great example of this. I’d love to share why.

Celebrating Lunar New Year is all about ushering in a new year based on the Lunar calendar, which holds a lot of meaning in many East Asian cultures! While I am not totally familiar with the accurate history, what Lunar New Year has become for my family is a time of continuing traditions, getting together with friends and family, and starting the year with hope and aspiration.

My Chinese heritage is an important part of my family’s identity, but what I love about sharing about my culture is the ability to learn about others at the same time.

The giving and receiving of lucky red envelopes or pockets has been a tradition for as long as I can remember. These red pockets usually contain a denomination of money, but the amount isn’t important. The giving of these signifies the wishing of good luck and is usually given by the more established members of society (aka ‘older folks’, or those married or with families) to children or younger adults. I think back to my parents impressing on us that receiving these envelopes without humbly trying to decline (as a form of deep appreciation for the gift) was looked down upon, so I remember running away from aunties and uncles and their gifts. Ultimately, it was to show respect for the gift and to signify that we were grateful for them. Now, I am the one needing to give these out - how the tables have turned! Red envelopes can also be given during any special occasion. I was so excited to be able to involve my Monogram community in the giving and receiving of red envelopes and I wish you all nothing but good luck in the year ahead!

Lunar New Year also means we EAT! Not like we need any more excuses to get together and share a meal though, right? For our family, we get together at our favourite Chinese restaurant and spend a good 3 hours going through a multi-coursed meal and spending quality time together. There is symbolism in the food as well. Delicate fish for good health, chewy noodles for long life (don’t cut them!), and steamed stuffed buns to signify more good luck, amongst many others!

What I love about sharing this with my coffee community is it continues to help us learn new things and build a greater relationship with each other. It’s very meaningful for me to be able to have all of you share a part of this with me and my family. I love the general sentiment around this year - the idea of overflowing positivity and wishing nothing but the best for everyone. That’s my wish for you all this year. Happy Lunar New Year!

- Jeremy

Join us in celebrating! From Feb. 3 - 11, we'll be giving out red pockets for purchases over $75 online and $60 in store! Each red pocket contains a surprise prize that can be redeemed on your next purchase*. Prizes include free mugs, coffee, gift cards, and more!

*see website for full terms + conditions. Prize cards expire on March 31, 2024.
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