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Sibarist Fast Filters - 25 Pack

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 Make no mistake: the Sibarist FAST pourover filters are the ultimate professional barista grade filters. These filters unlock a new level of extraction through full brewing control with flow rate and grind size. Made from the strongest natural plant fiber (Abaca Plant Fiber) allows these filters to be the thinnest paper on the market, with the same structural integrity. This means that you can brew at a finer grind than ever before, without risking over-extraction due to choking or stalling the brew from a thicker paper filter.

If you are brewing an exceptional, rare or limited edition bag, maximize the depth of flavours available with a higher extraction yield potential from these filters. Taste the full expression of your most prized coffees with these filters.

      • Acabá Plant Fiber paper filter material means the absolute thinnest material with zero paper filter taste.
      • Maximum extraction control and experimentation - ability for finer grind settings and higher extraction yield.
      • Beautiful flavour expression - let the flavours of your exceptional lot sing without interruption from a thick or poorly made filter
      • Uncompromising quality standards from materials to construction in Sibarist HQ in Barcelona


    • Width: 12 cm
    • Diameter: 13 cm
    • Recommended Capacity: Up to 4 cups, maximum of 450 ml
    • Compatible with V60’s and V60 style drippers with V60-type open bottom.

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