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Masala Chai (Tea Latte)

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From JagaSilk:

Masala means “spiced” and chai means “tea”. This masala is based off a traditional South Indian recipe but can simple be stirred into hot milk. The single estate organic black tea has been milled to a fine powder on the same stone mills as maccha and blended with fresh-milled cardamom, ginger, cinnamon and then a touch of panela for flavour balance. 

Bring our famous Chai home with this fresh-milled mix from Jagasilk. This is the exact blend we use in the cafes and it makes such a deliciously flavourful and warm chai. 

Based off a traditional South Indian recipe, Masala means "spiced" and chai means "tea". Single-estate black tea is freshly micro-milled in small batches, resulting in a fine mix that dissolves easily in water. Fresh ground cardamom, ginger and cinnamon are blended into the tea, before it is finished off with raw panela sugar for a touch of sweetness.  This beats any syrup or concentrate. 

For a 12oz portion, we suggest dissolving 10g of the powder into 2-3oz of hot water. Mix thoroughly before pouring hot steamed or heated milk on top, for a deliciously creamy, lightly sweet and warmly aromatic Masala Chai.  


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