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Visitacion Munoz

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Visitacion Munoz

When Visitacion was 22 years old, his father inherited a half hectare of land where he decided to plant coffee. Visitacion and his dad worked together on the farm. Each year, they saved the revenue that they received from their harvest and continued to re-invest it back into the farm, purchasing more land and growing the production year by year. Now, his 5 sons help him out on the farm and mill, and even do all of the cherry selection and picking during harvest.

Traditionally, the family always sold their coffee to the commodities market, but 5 years ago, a small batch of Paraneima planted allowed them to achieve a specialty level of quality. With the help of Benjamin Paz, a quality and relationship focussed exporter, they have completely transformed the amount of high quality specialty coffee they grow on the farms, which has benefitted their family.

The Parainema variety is a super interesting variety, and one of the most unique flavour profiles that we have ever tried. Genetically, it is a Sarchimor, which means that it has Timor heritage, which has roots with Robusta species. The benefit of this variety is its disease resistance, but people have started to discover that Parainema also have sought after flavour profiles which adds a lot of value to this variety in the specialty market for roasters and cafes like us.

The coffee is depulped as soon as it is received, and then it is dry fermented for 14-16 hours. After fermentation, the coffee is washed 4 times before being transported to the parabolic drying beds. The coffee is then dried between 8-12 days, with manual sorting and selection throughout this time.

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