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Brew Series / Tricolate

Brew Series / Tricolate

Allow us to introduce to you this super cool brewer that has been creating a lot of buzz, the Tricolate (pronounced TRICK-O-LATE). We introduced this brewer to our brew bar at our new University location and we are super impressed with the quality of brew it produces, and think you will be too! This brewer combines different elements of other brewers that came before it, claiming that it is perfect for both beginners and experts and we agree! 

Some of the features that that make this brewer so special are: 

  • Built in dispersion screen (employing a similar concept to the Melodrip) that is designed to evenly shower the brewing water over the grinds, controlling both the saturation of water on the grinds and the flow rate 
  • This shower screen also eliminates the need for a gooseneck kettle (which is one of the reasons why it's so great for new brewers, one less piece of equipment to buy!)
  • The cylinder design allows all of the coffee to stay in contact with water the whole time which promotes more even extraction and eliminates high and dries!
  • The filters are German manufactured with lab grade paper
  • The wide flat bottom dripper increases the surface area of the coffee, increasing contact time and extraction

With all of these features, this brewer is a really easy, approachable and consistent brewer, and you can find lots of recipes for it all over the internet, but, we would love to share our recipe with you! 
Equipment list // 

  • Tricolate
  • Filters
  • Grinder 
  • Scale
  • Kettle 
  • Spoon
  • Timer 
  • Coffee (of course!)

Dose: 35 grams 

Total Brew weight approx. 330 grams


  1. Place filter in brewer and rinse. 
  2. Add grinds to the bottom of the brewer and shake the grounds to level the bed
  3. Place the brewer on top of a server (including the shower head) and tare the scale

It is recommended that you use a server that has markings on the side indicating 250 grams (milliliters or one cup!). IF you don't have a server with markings on the sides, pre-weigh 250 grams of water inside a server and mark the side!

  1. Remove the shower head for the bloom
  2. Start timer and start your bloom, rotating the brewer until all the grounds are saturated and immersed under water (this amount of water is approximately 150 grams) this will read approximately 115-120 grams on your scale and replace shower screen
  3. Bloom for 45 seconds

  1. At 45 seconds, pour the water until your hit 400 grams
  2. Remove shower screen and gently stir

  1. It will take approx. 2:30 for the water to draw down, so if you need to walk away from the brewer, you can : )
  2. Allow coffee to draw down until you have approx. 250 grams of brewed coffee in your server - indicated on the side of the server and remove the Tricolate from the brewer and set aside. There will be coffee left over in the Tricolate, just set aside and discard later

  1. Put a fresh server onto your scale and pour your brew into it, it should be roughly 250 grams
  2. Top with fresh (hot) water to a total volume of 330 grams


If you brew with our recipe, please tag us on social media! We hope you love this recipe! Order a Tricolate brewer for home by CLICKING HERE.

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