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New Monogram Coffee Subscription

New Monogram Coffee Subscription


It’s new. It’s rewarding. It’s exciting. It’s a Monogram Coffee subscription.

We’ve launch our all new Monogram Coffee subscription and are SO proud to share it with our subscribers and our community. When we set out to create a new subscription, we didn’t do it alone. Before deciding what should be included in the subscription, we set out to hear from our current subscribers about how we could make our coffee subscription better for them.A hand reaches down to grab a bag of Monogram coffee. Several different coloured bags of coffee sit on a blue background.

We sent out a survey to find out what our subscribers wanted and everyone came back with some fantastic ideas. These ideas turned into the base for our new subscription and we’re so excited about what we can now offer you.

When you sign up for a Monogram Coffee subscription, you’re signing up for the only Canadian coffee subscription that rewards you for every sip!

How the Subscription Works

With a Monogram Coffee subscription, you start by picking the flavour profile of the coffee that you like. You can choose from Warmth, Wonder and Roaster's Choice flavour profiles.
Warmth Coffees

Choose a warmth subscription if you like coffees that have a familiar, classic flavour profile. These coffees are very approachable and low in acidity. They feature familiar flavours of chocolate, caramel and nuts like almond or walnut. These are your easy-drinking coffees, perfect for your daily morning brew (and maybe afternoon, too).A blue bag of Monogram coffee sits on a grey background surrounded by chocolate, caramel, nuts and green apple.

Wonder Coffees

Our wonder subscription includes more exciting and adventurous coffees. These coffees tend to be higher in acidity with fruity flavours. These coffees can include those processed with more adventurous methods such as anaerobic fermentation.A purple bag of Monogram coffee sits on a yellow background and is surrounded by limes, peaches, raspberries and oranges.

Roaster’s Choice

This subscription is perfect for those who want a mix of both - the fruity and the familiar. Each subscription, our roaster’s will choose their favourite coffees that we currently have in our rotation. You may discover a new favourite that you wouldn’t have tried!A yellow bag of Monogram coffee sits on a pink background and is surrounded by chocolate, nuts, caramel, raspberries, oranges and jube jubes.

Mix + Match

Each of the coffees that you’ll receive will still be a surprise, but being able to pick the flavour profile up front ensures that you’re picking flavours that you’ll like! If you absolutely do not like a coffee, you can add a note to your subscription so that we’ll know not to send you that one again.

Once you’ve decided on a flavour profile, it’s time to decide on how you’ll brew your coffee. One of the exciting new features of our subscription is the ability to mix and match filter, espresso and decaf coffees. You no longer have to have two different subscriptions for filter and espresso! All you have to do is fill your bundle with the filter, espresso or decaf options and you’ve mixed and matched a subscription that perfectly fits your coffee needs.

To further customize your subscription, you can decide how many bags you’d like to come in each order. Then, you select how often you’d like your coffee to be delivered. You can get your coffee every 2 weeks if you go through it very quickly. If you're more of an average drinker, or drink your coffee more slowly, you can select delivery up to every 6 weeks. You have the option for 3, 4 and 5 week delivery as well!

The Perks

The perks are the best part of our new subscription (and we think it will be your favourite part!)An array of products from Monogram coffee sit on a pink background. Included in the photo are Milligrams instant coffee, V60 filters, a Fellow Ode Grinder, a Loveramics mug, a Miir travel tumbler

Earn Points
The biggest perk of our new subscription is the ability to earn points. Our points are called Grams and you earn them with every order!

As soon as you sign up for a Monogram subscription, you start earning Grams! As a bonus for signing up for a Monogram subscription, you receive 150 bonus Grams. That’s enough for a pack of V60 or Aeropress filters!

If you don’t need filters right away, you can continue racking up the points to redeem for tons of other great items such as:
- $10 off your next order for 300 points
- a box of Milligrams Instant coffee for 350 points
- Redeem 1,900 points for a Timemore Scale
- If you save up for a while (or you just buy a lot of coffee!) you can redeem 11,000 grams for a Fellow Ode Grinder

This is just to start, but we’ll be adding more items to redeem as our subscription grows!

The introduction of our points system also means that our subscribers are finally able to participate in our big yearly sales like our Black Friday sale! You'll also receive bonus grams for every 5 orders that you place - just for sticking around!

If you love your subscription so much that you want to refer a friend, you'll earn 200 bonus grams and your friend will get 20% off their first order!
Get Early Access
As a subscriber, we want to give you the inside scoop on new products before they're released to the public. Anytime we release new merchandise, exceptional coffees or new products you'll be the first to know!
Member Exclusive Benefits

On top of the points system, there are a host of other benefits that come with your subscription. If you'll be away, or just have a big stockpile of coffee already, you can gift your subscription to a friend for a month.

Every month, you'll be sent our Telegram newsletter which features all kinds of fun info. Get coffee picks right from our Director of Coffee and Education, Jill Hoff, recipes, brewing tips and more! This is also how we'll inform you of the early access that you get to new products, so make sure you're signed up! If you haven't signed up for our Telegram newsletter, make sure to edit your email marketing preferences in your subscription account so that you never miss out.

At random points throughout the year, we'll throw in some free goodies for you. They'll be small, but will include cute pieces of merch like a Monogram sticker or pin perfect for putting on your water bottle or the lapel of a jean jacket.

Your subscription will always be shipped to you free of charge. No more fretting about extra costs, just pure coffee bliss delivered straight to your doorstep!A yellow bag of Monogram coffee sits on a pink background with a cup of brewed coffee beside it and 4 fingers pointing to the bag of coffee.

2lb Subscriptions

If you're someone who drinks coffee faster than you can order it, our new 2lb subscription would be a great option for you. It works the same as our classic subscription with 300g bags, so you can follow all the same steps, mix and match your desired types of coffees and enjoy all of the same incredible perks.

Prepaid Subscriptions

Coffee makes a fantastic gift, especially when it shows up at the recipients door month after month ready for them to enjoy. When you gift a pre-paid subscription, we send two bags of our freshly roasted coffee every month for as many months as you want. This is also a great option if you'd like to test out a subscription. The coffees that are sent are selected by our roasting team, so you won't have the ability to customize and mix and match like you do with our recurring subscriptions. However, we can guarantee that the coffees selected will still be absolutely delicious!

We're so thrilled that our new subscription is finally available for everyone to enjoy! We'd love to know what you think of all the new perks that come with your subscription. If you love it, make sure to send to friends and family so they can also subscribe to Canada's best coffee!
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