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Spiced Butter Caramel / RECIPE

Spiced Butter Caramel / RECIPE

Hands up if you remember our winter seasonal, the Spiced Butter Caramel Latte, from last year? It was definitely a crowd favourite. Warm, buttery, spicy and sweet. We think this butter caramel has cozy vibes written all over it and we thought that we would share our recipe with you so that you can enjoy this delicious caramel anytime! We all know that ooey gooey caramel is something that you want around all year long, but these delicious warming spices have winter warmth written all over it.  


  • 198 grams sugar
  • 136 grams of water
  • 136 grams room temp cream 
  • 45 grams room temp butter (cut into cubes).      
  • 1 gram ground cardamom
  • 2 grams ground ginger 
  • 4 grams ground cinnamon
  • 0.5 grams salt 
  • 4 grams vanilla


  • Have ingredients pre-measured and prepped out before starting the cooking process 
  • Once everything is prepped and ready to go, place a heavy bottom sauce pan over medium heat
  • Add sugar and water, and stir well 
  • Set a timer for 15 minutes and do not touch or stir until the timer goes off (check back in with it once in a while to make sure it doesn’t burn) 
  • After 15 minutes, it should be a light golden brown color (if it is not, let it boil for a little bit longer until it is) As soon as it a light golden brown, turn the burner off and stir in butter and cream until it is smooth. (once you add the cream, it will be lumpy initially. This is normal! Keep stirring until it is smooth)
  • Remove from heat, and stir in all the spices
  • As soon as everything is incorporated your caramel is ready! 
  • You can store in a mason jar or squeeze bottle in the fridge!


This caramel is good enough to be spread or drizzled on pretty much anything (if you know, you know), so here are just a couple ways to use it that we think you definitely don’t want to sleep on. 

1. Drizzle on top of your latte!

If you don't have an espresso machine at home, no fear! You can recreate this delicious drink by brewing your drip at a higher strength (we recommend a brew ratio of 1:13 - 1:14) and topping with warm, frothed milk or mylk of your choice and then drizzle on as much of this spiced caramel as you like. 

(if coffee isn't your thing, try this with hot chocolate!) 


2. Make it iced!

Give your cold brew a glow up with a splash of milk (or mylk) and a generous squeeze of caramel. You. Can't. Go. Wrong. 

If you try this recipe at home, post online and don't forget to tag us! We love seeing our recipes inside your homes! 



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