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WBC 2021 / Jill's Updates

WBC 2021 / Jill's Updates

Welcome! We'll be updating this page with updates on Jill's time competing at the World Barista Championship in Milan, Italy, Oct. 23 - 26th. Freshest updates will always be at the top.

Thanks for following along! #goJillgoWBC2021

We are so proud. Although Jill didn't make finals, she did end her time competing at the WBC with her best set yet - we're excited to share it with you once it's uploaded! What Jill accomplished is truly something to marvel at. Being the first woman to represent Canada on the world stage AND to make semi-finals in her first year competing at the WBC. Her set was incredibly inspiring, rich with meaning, and so thoughtful, a true representation of who Jill is and what the coffee community means to her. She worked many (many many) days and nights, and sacrificed so much to get to where she is.⁠

Jill, you have inspired so many people. In this WBC competition season, but also throughout your time in coffee. Jill cares so deeply about our community, helping many competitors at different competitions (even when she herself is competing), volunteering many hours, and advocating for baristas and coffee professionals. She provides so many resources for our staff to learn and grow, and implemented many projects to bring our community together during Covid. Jill makes sure our team keeps up quality and excellence, she is dedicated to ensuring we best represent the coffees and hard work of our producers.⁠

We could go on, but we just wanted to say we're so proud of you, Jill. What an accomplishment!!! #goJillgoWBC2021

Jill just finished her semi-finals performance, and she was amazing. So confident and charming, and her coffee times ran perfectly. We'll share her set when it's available on the WCE YouTube channel! There's a few hours to go before finals are announced.


JILL MADE IT TO SEMI-FINALS! She was called 2nd last (they weren't called in order of scores), and we were all holding our breath. The suspense!

Semi-finals begin tomorrow in Milan, and Jill competes at 9am MDT! A more reasonable hour for Calgarians. You can watch her set HERE once the live stream is available.

Jill did SO well! Her first set is complete, and now she can relax (maybe) until semifinals are announced tomorrow. We'll keep you posted!

But now we can share her coffees with you! We have a limited amount of Jill's comp coffee available for pre-order online. Click HERE for more details!

Jill's set begins in a few minutes! Watch along HERE.

Tomorrow is the big day! Jill's coffees are tasting SO good. She's had some tasting and practising time this week, and today she attended the competitor meeting. Tomorrow morning at 8:30am local time she'll have her 1 hour dialling session at the venue, where she'll taste her coffee and get to practise her official set up! Then, at 2:15pm, she'll get to perform the set she's worked so hard on. You can catch the livestream here -- LIVE STREAM. It will become available once the competitions start (while Calgary sleeps!), but we'll post the link here early tomorrow morning!

Ben and Jill have arrived in Italy! They'll spend the next few days picking up ingredients for her signature drink, milks for her milk coarse, getting over jet lag, and Jill has a practise day at a local shop. Jill competes on Saturday at 2pm local time, which is 6am Calgary time! We'll be sharing the livestream link here when it's available.

Jill has been running practise sets at National Cappuccino in the afternoons, and at our Fifth Ave location at night. Today she'll perform her set 3 different times, for groups of people who have volunteered to watch (and to try her real competition coffee - lucky them!). Jill has a few days left in Calgary of practise, before she leaves for Milan and continues her preparation there!



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