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Fellow EKG Variable Temperature Kettle

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Product Information

Fellow, based in San Francisco has been producing innovative, beautiful brewing accessories since they launched a few years ago. This is undeniably the best gooseneck pour-over kettle we’ve ever used, and trust us, we’ve used a lot.

This kettle won the 2018 Red Dot Design Award, but its gorgeous look is just one thing we love about it.

Variable Temperature Control
Turning a small knob allows you to scroll through any temperature between 135F - 212F, and the kettle automatically sets its target temp and has the option to hold the water at that temperature once reached. An exact water temperature is so key for dialling in the optimal extraction for a variety of both coffee and tea.

LCD Screen and Timer
A small LCD screen beautifully shows the real time and target temperatures as you scroll. The Kettle also has a timer stopwatch that can be activated while you brew.

Feel and Balance
The kettle feels amazing to pour. The handle is counterbalanced which allows complete control over the flow rate. The handle is so ergonomically comfortable it makes large volume long pours easy. You buy a gooseneck for precision, and the feel and balance really allows you to achieve this. 

This kettle has a 0.9L capacity, and can toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit. 

Fellow even featured Monogram as 1 of 5 Canadian roasters during their showroom showcase of coffee from Canada.


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