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One of our favourite manual brewers! Did you know that Monogram barista Jill Hoff won the 2016 Canadian Aeropress Championship? Needless to say, we love the Aeropress as a single-cup brewer. Here's how it works: the coffee and water immerse in the chamber together (like a french press), creating a very full, even, and controllable extraction. The coffee is then plunged through a paper filter, removing any grit and producing a smooth, clean, and delicious filter coffee!

It packs up small, is very durable, and can even fit a Porlex Hand Grinder inside of it, making the Aeropress the perfect travel or office brewer.

We'll also throw in a little brew guide of Jill Hoff's Championship recipe with every purchase.

Comes with:

  • Aeropress brewer, plunger, scoop, screw cap, 350 filters and holder, stirrer


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