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Tricolate Coffee Brewer

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Product Information

The Tricolate (pronounced TRICK-O-LATE) brewer combines different elements of other brewers before it, claiming that it is perfect for beginners and experts, and we agree. 
Some of it's features include: 
  • Built in dispersion screen (employing a similar concept to the Melodrip) that is designed to evenly shower the brewing water over the grinds, controlling both the saturation of water on the grinds and the flow rate
  • This shower screen also eliminates the need for a gooseneck kettle (which is one of the reasons why it's so great for new brewers, one less piece of equipment to buy!)
  • The cylinder design allows all of the coffee to stay in contact with water the whole time which promotes more even extraction and eliminates high and dries!
  • The filters are German manufactured with lab grade paper
  • The wide flat bottom dripper increases the surface area of the coffee, increasing contact time and extraction

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