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What you need:

Starting Recipe



Brewing Water

280g (15.5:1 ratio)

Grind Size

Medium coarse grind


1. Bring kettle up to temp 91C (196 F)
2. Grind coffee to a medium coarse grind
3. Secure paper filter into the aeropress and rinse with hot water
4. Place aeropress on top of a mug or server and place on top of scale
5. Add grounds to aeropress and even the bed by lightly knocking the sides of the press
6. Zero scale and start timer
7. Quickly fill the aeropress to 280grams ensuring that there are no dry grounds
8. At 1:10, break crust and stir.
9. At 1:15, start your plunge. Plunge with consistent pressure. You should be finished at 1:45

*Do not plunge on top of the scale!