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French Press

What you need:

Starting Recipe



Brewing Water

500g (16.5:1 ratio)

Grind Size

Coarse (but not too coarse)

Brew Time

4 minutes


1. Weigh 30 grams of coffee and grind on a coarse grind setting
2. Place your french press with your 30 grams of ground coffee in the bottom of it and tare your scale
3. Start your timer and begin to pour your water into the press, ensuring that all your grinds are fully saturated and submerged under the water, until you hit your target water weight of 500 grams
4. Once your timer hits 4 minutes, give the grounds a good stir
5. At this point, if you can hold off on immediately plunging, wait. As you let your brew sit, sediment will settle to the bottom which will result in a cleaner cup of coffee. However, this step is not necessary, and you can completely bypass it and get straight to plunging!