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Kalita Wave

What you need:

Starting Recipe



Brewing Water

360g (16:1 ratio)

Grind Size



1. Preheat kettle to 94C (201 F)
2. Wet the filter, and discard the water.
3. Add coffee & settle the bed
4. Start timer, and add 50g of water to bloom, and ensure all grounds are saturated with water. Let bloom for 30 seconds.
5. At 30 seconds stir really well making sure that you mix all the grounds up from the bottom and the sides. This step should take no longer than 5-10 seconds.
6. Add water in a circular motion starting from the centre, and moving outward until you reach 150g making sure all your grounds are fully immersed under water. Allow approximately 25% of your brew to draw down before the next step.
7. At this point, add more water using the same circular motion pattern until you reach 250g, and repeat the above step.
8. Finally, add the last amount of water until you reach 360g.
9. Your brew should be approx 3 min long
10. Let the coffee draw down, and serve!