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V60 Pourover

What you need:

Starting Recipe



Brewing Water

340g (16:1 ratio)

Grind Size



Before getting started, pre-heat your kettle to 200 degrees F or set to boil on a non variable temperature kettle. Place your paper filter inside of your brewer and give your filter a really good rinse. This is important as it will rinse away any papery taste that you would otherwise get in your brew if you skip this step. Rinsing your paper filter will also snugly secure it to the sides of your brewer which is an added bonus  :)  After your paper filter is rinsed and your kettle is up to the proper temperature you are ready to start! *Note that if you are not using a gooseneck kettle for this, you will have to practice pouring with a controlled pace making sure that your stream is not to heavy.*

1. Set your brewer on top of your server and place both on top of your scale
2. Add your ground coffee into the bottom of the filter and then tare your scale
3. Shake the grounds lightly to even out the bed
4. With the back of a spoon, make a an indentation in the center of your bed. This step is to ensure that once you start your pours the water will be able to evenly saturate your grounds from all directions
5. Start your timer and start your bloom. To do this, immediately and quickly start pouring in the center (where you created your divot) and then work your way to the outer edge, for a total of 50 grams of water.
6. Let bloom for 30 seconds
7. Once your timer hits 30 seconds, you can start your second pour
8. Start your second pour the same way you started the first, in the middle and work your way to the outer edge. This pour will be 200 grams, bringing your brew now to 250 grams total.
9. Wait for this to almost completely draw down, and finish with your last pour of 90 grams, bringing your total brew weight now to 340 grams.
10. Wait for everything to finish drawing down and your brew is done! Your final brew time should be somewhere between 2.5-3 minutes depending on the coffee, how quickly you completed each pour, and the size of your grind.