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Kalita Wave 185 Pour-over Brewer

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Product Information

Made in Japan, the Kalita Wave pour-over brewer is one of our top manual brewing choices. What makes this particular brewer different than others is in the unique shape of its filters, as well as the small holes on the bottom of the dripper. 

The Kalita filters are unique for two reasons: its wave shape and flat bottom. The wave pattern helps to promote more grinds and water pushed towards the middle of the brew instead of trapped on the outside of the filter. This leads to a fuller, more even extraction. The flat bottom of the filter also ensures a coffee bed that is more even in density through out the entire circumference, which helps the water to flow evenly, helping the extraction. Finally, the smaller holes at the bottom of the filter help slow down the flow rate of the water, increasing brew to brew consistency.

The brewer itself is metal, doesn’t need to be preheated, and is stands up to the test of daily cafe use at Monogram. 

We love this brewer and can attest to the quality of coffee that results from it. 


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