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Loveramics Pourover Dripper

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Extract every flavour of your coffee with the Loveramics Pourover Dripper. Brewing with this dripper gives maximum control of your brewing recipe, extraction and pouring technique, allowing you to pull out every flavour and nuance of even the most adventurous coffee. 
Designed to be placed on top of your brewing vessel, or optimally used together with the Dripper Stand, the heavy-weighted and durable porcelain keeps heat consistent throughout your brew, leading to a richer cup. The intentional groove surface design of the porcelain dripper optimizes water flow, and the single funnel design gives better control over the flow rate. Works with 02 paper filters. Recommended to be used together with the Dripper Stand.

  • Sturdy porcelain keeps heat in the brew
  • Unique groove surface design optimizes water flow
  • Uses 02 paper filters
  • Can be used with or without Dripper Stand (optimized with)
  • DIMENSIONS: Length 11.5cm ; Width 11.5cm ; Height 8cm


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