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Chill out this summer with some icy drinks at home!

Chill out this summer with some icy drinks at home!

We survived our first heat wave of 2021! Hands up if you could not get enough iced coffee in your hands as the temperatures hit record highs. If you're like us, any sign of sun and we are swapping our usual brews for iced drinks immediately, so we thought we would share a few ideas with you that you can easily make at home this summer! 

1. Cold Brew Concentrate // 

220 grams med/coarse ground coffee x 1000 ml room temp. water 

  • Combine grinds and water together, making sure that the grounds are fully saturated with water
  • Brew for 15 hours in a closed container in the fridge 
  • After 15 hours, strain grinds using any filter, fine mesh strainer or mesh bag
  • Store in the fridge in the sealed container or jar! 

To serve // 

Dilute this concentrate with water or pretty much any other liquid that you enjoy drinking with coffee. 

Some of our favourite ways to use cold brew concentrate are:

Straight up with cold water and lots of ice!

With bubbly tonic water + lots of fresh lime

With house made nut mylk or oat milk!


 2. Frozen coffee cubes // 

We talked about freezing left over brewed coffee in an earlier post but it is totally worth the double mention! Whether you freeze left over coffee, brew coffee specifically for making coffee cubes or freezing cold brew concentrate into ice cubes - we promise, you will love how they turn out. We would recommend using them in cold coffee instead of ice cubes, cocktails or even as a caffeine boost inside your morning smoothie! 


 3. Iced pourover // 

Waiting for cold brew takes time and sometimes you just don't have it! But, give yourself 10 minutes and you can still enjoy icy cold delicious coffee in no time.  The integral part to brewing an iced pourover is making sure that you weigh your ice, this might seem a bit extra, but we promise it'll be worth it! 

20 grams medium/fine ground coffee x 140 grams water x 140 grams ice 

  • Weigh out 20 grams of coffee and grind 
  • Add ground coffee to the bottom of your pre-wet paper filter and shake the bed to settle 
  • Place your server on a scale and add 140 grams of ice cubes 
  • Tare scale place your brewer on top 
  • Begin your bloom by adding 50 grams of water to your ground coffee, ensuring that all the dry grounds are saturated
  • When that water is completely drawn down and your bloom has stopped producing bubbles, add the remaining 90 grams of water starting from the center and making a circular motion towards the outside.
  • Wait for all the water to draw down and then give your ice + brewed coffee a good stir! 

This recipe is slightly higher strength to accomodate for adding extra ice at the end! 

Tip: if you like to drink iced coffee with milk (mylk) or cream, try increasing your dose slightly to make an even stronger brew! :) 



4. Cold Brew Palmer //

This is one of our all time favourite summer drinks, its so citrusy and light and refreshing and easy to make a version of it at home! 

You will need: 

  • 500 grams/ml cold brew coffee 
  • 750 grams/ml of unsweetened iced tea 
  • approx. 1 ounce of fresh lemon and orange juice 
  • sweeten with simple syrup to taste! (use a simple syrup ratio of                 1:1 sugar: water) 
  • Garnish with orange slices 

This recipe will give you a little more than one litre so its perfect for sharing, but honestly, also just as perfect for enjoying all by yourself! 


We really hope you try some of these recipes this summer and make sure to tag us on Instagram if you do! 




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