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Vanilla Bean London Fog (Tea Latte)

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This is the best London Fog we have ever tasted. It's definitely developed a cult following in the cafes and now you can bring the experience to your home.

First, an all natural Earl Grey is created by taking single-estate black tea and scenting it with real bergamot oil. The tea is then freshly micro-milled in small batches, resulting in a fine mix that dissolves easily in water. Real vanilla bean and raw panela sugar is then added to the mix, creating an aromatic London Fog that is perfectly balanced in sweetness. Instead of a regular steeped tea bag with lots of hot waterr with vanilla syrup, our mix is richer and far more aromatic.

For a 12oz portion, we suggest dissolving 10g of the powder into 2-3oz of hot water. Mix thoroughly before pouring hot steamed milk on top, for a deliciously creamy, lightly sweet and warmly aromatic London Fog. 


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