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Cupping + Origin Class

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In this class we will explore the world of coffee through the industry’s standard method of evaluation: cupping. Together we will walk through the process of cupping while evaluating a selection of coffees.

We will spend time discussing each of the coffees in depth, to learn about what makes them unique and how origin, variety and processing contribute to the cup. This is a great opportunity to develop your palate and increase your knowledge on both a micro and macro level.

You'll even get to take home a cupping spoon so you can continue to cup coffees at home! 

No coffee or barista experience is required for this class! It makes a great gift to friends or family, or to increase your own skills and knowledge.

These hands-on classes max out at 10 people a class, and there is a lot of time for questions and assistance.

6:00pm - 8:00pm, Monogram Coffee / Fifth Avenue Place

420 2nd Street S.W.


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From espresso to pourover and every method in between.